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Vincent La Blanco aka Vinny is the mascot for VDL Designs (and my lizard heart!)

He is a male hypo leather zero 66% (possible het wits)Hatched Aug 1, 2017

Awwww he looks good in red! Merry Christmas!
Vinny on a shelf? 👅
Did you say bugs?!
He prefers not to be bothered by my shenanigans.
Ever heard of a “breaded” dragon? Vinny has that covered! 😉
Sassy pants himself.
Vinny decided today he would attempt to watch the world around him after 2 months of peaceful slumber. Let’s see if he stays awake this time. I sure do love this boy. ❤️

Pancake impersonating lol
Grumpy pants is a bit hormonal this morning. Stink eye and all. 🤣
King of his casa.

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